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Boudoir Permission Form

Social Media Consent Form

Publishing select images on social media platforms for promotional purposes is an essential part of Photography’s marketing outreach. However, we take client privacy very seriously, and as courtesy to our clients, request their consent to publish images publicly on social media sites before doing so.

By granting DMPHOTOGRAPHY permission to post images from your session online, you allow us to grow our business and show off your amazing story to the world. Many of our clients enjoy being featured in the official DMPHOTOGRPAHY social feeds, where they can easily share their images with friends and family!

Boudoir Permission Form
Check all that pertains to you.....
2. Client hereby agrees to release for possible use and publication any photographs taken by Photographer of Client on the following social media platforms (CHECK ALL THAT APPLY)
3. Client hereby understands the assumtion of images posted online could be screenshot or others could gain access to images.(Only Select if want Posted)
4. Client agrees that images that has been delievered back to client can be Posted on Social Media.

Thank You

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