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Please fill out form AFTER discussion of session through email!! 

By filling out this form and paying booking deposit, you are signing the contract for photography services offered by Dmphotography. 

  1. Try not to be late. If later then 10 mins we will have to reschedule session for another day.

  2. Please do not cancel. If client cancels more than 2 times with photographer, then photographer will require retainer paid again to reserve a 3rd date. That’s only if cancelation is on client. Don’t waste my time! (Weather, covid, death, etc. does not apply)

  3. Images will be delivered through an online gallery unless stated otherwise. 

  4. Images will be delivered back to client within approximately 3-6 weeks. 

  5. A 48-hour notice is required to reschedule. If rescheduled client needs to give photographer another date in a timely manner. If not done so in 48-hours retainer will be required again.

  6. Retainer is non-refundable.

  7. If paid in full at time of booking the amount paid will not be refunded.

  8. Payment Plans: Client herby agrees to pay at least $20 a week and agrees images will not be delivered back until said so session is paid in full. Photographer will not post any images on social media or give out a sneak peek until session amount is paid in full.

  9. Client is aware that photographer frequently uses food items while doing some session. The client assumes any and all risk of food allergies. If there is a food allergy, client needs to notify photographer before consumption of food and take precautions, such as having an Epi-Pin etc.

  10. For Belly to Baby only. When package is booked, either full payment be made of ($650), or you can pay $150 per session. If you fail to perform one of the sessions as priced, you will still be charge for that failed session. Example if you perform a maternity and newborn and fail to do the 6-month session the amount to be paid for the 6-month session will still need to be made. If amount not paid for 6-month session you will not be able to schedule one year session until done so.

  11. Client agrees to let me share photos on social media such as Facebook, Instagram, or etc.

  12. Client agrees to download gallery within 1 week of delivering gallery.  Client understands that photographer will be deleting gallery at some point to allow room for other galleries to be posted. Client understands that once deleted photographer may or may not have access to whole gallery.

  13. Client agrees that photos will be delivered through an online gallery only unless boudoir session that includes the package with the book.

  14. The Client assumes all risk associated with the premises at the studio location. The assumption of risk such as animal bites, slips and falls, act of God or nature, or of any injury in any form. This is also included away from the studio at different locations.

  15. Client agrees to the said so amount that has been discussed between client and photographer.

  16. The client agrees to post images under photographers associated name. (dmphotography)

  17. The client agrees to the copyright law. The photographer allows client to make any copies of the images under the following conditions. The images taken by photographer are taken for personal use only for the client. Commercial use of photographer’s work is not allowed without prior written permission from the photographer.

  18. The client has read, understands, and agrees to all the terms above.

  19. The client agrees that this contract is the full and final agreement between the parties.



Thank You

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